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6 Quick Sex Myths Busted

Sex is only between a penis and vagina

I hope by now this is a pretty obvious one, but let's go into it. In society, we often describe or associate sex with a penis going in a vagina. However, sex is actually more of umbrella term for a whole variety and ways to “get it on”. That could vaginal intercourse, anal, oral, fingering, fisting, rubbing, and so much more! And all of these wonderful things can happen with or without a penis and vagina. No matter what genital parts you and your partner are rocking, there's still endless ways to get each other off.

The pull out method isn’t effective form of birth control and shouldn’t be used

The “pull-out” or “withdrawal” method is when the person with the penis pulls out of the vagina before ejaculating. While it’s not the most effective method for preventing pregnancy, it can still do the trick especially if you don’t have any other options available. According to Planned Parenthood, the pull-out method has a 78% success rate. That number includes the human error factor which actually plays an important part here. This method relays almost completely on how effective you are at actually using it. And it’s always easy, or very relaxing, to have to stop and pull out right when you're about to climax. This method is really best when used with another form of birth control like a condom or the pill. Also, the pull-out method DOES NOT protect you at all from STDs.

You can’t get pregnant on your period

YOU 100% CAN GET PREGNANT ON YOUR PERIOD! Now I’m going to blame this on what a poor job public schools do at teaching menstruation. Majority of mainstream sex education only connects pregnancy to the fews days right before your period when your ovulating, because those are the days you are most fertile. However, you are fertile throughout your entire cycle. Your chances are just lower when you're not ovulating. It’s also not uncommon for women to mistake ovulation bleeding for menstrual bleeding. So no, sadly your period is not a good excuse to have unprotective sex.

Orgasm is always the goal

Nope. In fact, orgasm shouldn’t be viewed as a goal at all! Making orgasm the goal puts a lot of freaking pressure on both you and your partner(s). “Did she cum? Is he going to cum? Why is taking so long?” will just be some of the unnecessary worries running through your mind, causing the experience to become less and less enjoyable. Instead, try making small goals that focus more on pleasure and enjoying the moment and less on the big O moment. For example, think of something new you’ve been waiting to try or just simply being more present.

Masturbating while in a relationship is a form of cheating or a sign you're not sexually satisfied.

In monogamous relationships we often tend to want to be the other person's everything. We want to be able to fulfill all their needs and wants or we are not good partners. We drive ourselves crazy just to make sure they never need anything, especially sexual, from anything or anyone else. Not only is that exhausting, but it's not possible! We can’t be our partners everything, and that is also true when it comes to sex. Sex and sexuality isn’t a couples only experience. It’s also a very personal one. Our sex drive and desires do not come from or depend on the person you're in a relationship with. There will be hundreds of times you are horny and your partner is not and vice versa and that's okay! And it’s also perfectly okay and healthy for you or your partner as an individual to explore those drives and desires. I will totally admit to feeling upset or jealous that my partner masturbated. But I know I am having those feelings because I am feeling guilty for not fulfilling all their needs. I am simply just projecting my feelings of being a bad partner onto them. Recognizing and addressing these feelings is really important for both you and your partner.

Porn is bad

Porn has gotten a really bad rap over the years. Porn stars are looked as “dirty” or having no self respect. Some even see it as a form of cheating if you're in a committed relationship, which usually goes along with the masturbation issue. But what we are forgetting is that porn is simply entertainment. Porn stars are just actors performing in front of a camera and people who enjoy porn are definitely not perverted for watching it. In terms of cheating, now that's something that needs to be talked about in a relationship. If your partner has a problem with porn maybe try asking what it is about porn that bothers them. You can even educate them on what porn is and isn’t and share what it means for you.

Hope y'all enjoyed these 6 sex myths busted and don't forget to come back for more!

Now go show yourself a little pleasure ; )

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