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Sex toys: Everything you need to know about buying, cleaning, and storing them

Getting a little bored and tired of using your hands during your “alone time” sessions? Struggling to orgasm during sex or self pleasure? Well looks like it might be time to get on that sex toy gang and bring some of that O factor back into your life!

No matter what your relationship status is or what gender or sexual orientation you identify as, don’t worry, there's a toy out there for that. And having all these options is fantastic but also can make purchasing and caring for one a little trickier, even if this isn’t your first. So here’s your guide to help you when picking out your next sex toy and how to care for them.

When buying:

What kind are you looking for (ex. Vibrator, dildo, butt plug, ect.)?

If you’ve used or owned sex toys in the past you might have a better idea of what you liked and didn’t like or what you want to try next. However, if you haven’t, this might be a difficult question to answer. So if you’re a newbie, think of what feels good during sex or when you touch yourself. Love oral? Try a clit focused toy such as a bullet vibrator or clit “sucker”! Like getting off from internal stimulation? Try a classic or fun shaped dildo or internal vibrator! Wanna try butt stuff? Try some anal beads or a cute butt plug! The options are endless. But only you can decide what feels good or what gets you off! So take a little time to explore your options. It’s very important to point out that there is no one size fits all in this game. A toy could have the most amazing reviews and still not feel good to you. So keep your personal pleasures in mind.

What is the material made out of?

Before purchasing a new sex toy ALWAYS check what the material is made out of. Not all sex toys are created equally and the cheap ones often times will use non-bodysafe material. Jelly, rubber, vinyl, and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) are all materials you should stay far away from. They are all porous and therefore can trap bacteria which can cause some nasty infections. Also, many times these materials will often degrade over time with use from lubes and your own bodily fluids. Some of these synthetic plastics have been linked to cancer.

Safe materials include 100% silicone, stainless steel, glass, lucite, and ABS plastic. Latex is also a safe material as long as you or your partner don’t have an allergy to it. Unfortunately, some of these materials can be a little more pricey but you can still find many that are moderately priced. In my opinion, this is a situation where it's worth spending a little extra though. I’m not looking to shove a bunch of bacteria up my vagina, but that's just me.

What type of lube can you use?

You do have to be aware of what type of lube you are using with what material. Water-based lubes are your best bet because they are safe with all toys. Just remember these lubes don’t work well in water, so be careful if you were planning on a hot shower session. Silicone-based lube is okay for plastic, glass or steel, but should never be used with silicone toys as it will break down the material over time. Oil-based are typically okay for most materials including silicone, but aren’t okay if a toy contains TPR, latex, or elastomer. Oil-based lubes also might increase the risk of bacterial infection in women as oil can be difficult for the vaginal canal to clear out and can harbor bacteria up there.

Is it waterproof?

This is important for two reasons. One, this will help determine the best way to clean it. Two, if you want the option to use it in the shower or bath. Most cordless toys nowadays are at least water resistant, but it's always safe to check the side of the box or website. Remember to make sure toys dry completely before being put away to prevent bacteria growth.

Does it need to be plugged in or recharged?

Now, I don’t have the statistics on hand to back it up, but i’d say a large majority of toys these days are rechargeable. But some do still need batteries or a corded plug. The famous Hitachi Wand is a great example of a corded toy still out there. Now they do sell a cordless one that costs more but there’s still women all over the world buying the original corded version! This might not be a big deal to you, but still a good idea to check before purchasing.

Okay, so you got yourself a new little friend to play with. Now What?


All sex toys should be cleaned after each use. Cleaning instructions may vary slightly depending on what type of toy it is and what the material is made of. But most just simply need a little soap and water and are good to go! It’s a good idea to give them a nice wash every now and then even if they haven’t been used recently. For example I clean each toy after use with a dab of soap and rinse well with water. I then pat it down and let it air dry in the bathroom. Every couple months though I take out all of mine and my partners toys and a similar wash down, taking into account the cleaning needs of each toy. Then once they are all nice and dry, they can go back into their littler home to await their next use.


Something that often goes unmentioned is how and where to store your sex toys when they aren’t getting all messy. And no the answer is not tossed into your messy nightstand drawer. Remember, these things either touch or go inside your genitals. Any dust, bacteria, or crusted spilled lotion that gets on it is going to end up on or in you. Also, if you're a toy collector, you’ll quickly learn that organization is very important. That's why I LOVE when toys come with cute and practical storage, but that's not always the case. It’s best to store toys in a satin bag, as satin keeps out dust and other particles, or in a well organized and clean container. Satin bags especially for sex toys can be bought online on a variety of different sites. They can get pricey though. For a cheaper option you can use a large ziplock bag, just be sure it is clean and stays closed.

Sex toys are awesome and fun and there’s literally something out there for all bodies and genders! And you should never feel any shame for owning one (or dozens!).

Happy Cumming Everyone! Xoxo

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